Was established in 1950, located 160kms North West of Nairobi.

All the ‘’big five’’ are found here, particularly the elephants.

The Aberdare mountain range, the high point of which is at Ol doinyo Lesatima (meaning bull calf Mountain in the Maasai language) which stretches to 4000 meters . there is still plenty of wildlife to look for at Aberdare.  The elepahant population of around 2000 animal guarantees sightings of this huge mammal. The less numerous black Rhino is resident here. There is also nocturnal and elusive mountain bongo, a redish brown, horned antelope, lions, leopard, golden cat, giant forest hog, baboons, black and white colobus monkeys are all viewable inhabitants in the park.

Spectacular waterfalls are another particular features of this high altitude park with the Karura falls being the favorite as they pour a 300 meter plunge down on the rock face.

The two famous accommodation within the park are located on the lower salient are of the aberdare hence provide perfect location for game viewing.