Located on the western edge of Tanzania. Lake Tanganyika is the pearl and lifeline of western Tanzania is Lake Tanganyika, longest and second deepest freshwater lake of the earth. 676 km long, 50 km broad and 1470 m deep are the Olympia masses of this species-rich underwater world. 2000 species found their home in Lake Tanganyika and more than 90% live just there. Most of them are cichlid but there are also Kongo-blowfish, catfish, lungfish and much more. A snorkeling mask is indispensable at Lake Tanganyika. Rainforest, Mangroves and long sandy beaches border the lake and provide for a wide array of activities whether it be just relaxing on the beach or taking to the water with guided boat tours. It is worthwhile to combine the stay at the lake with a trip to the Mahale National park.

The journey by car to the west of Tanzania is long and tiresome; it becomes more comfortable and faster when you use charter flights.

Legendary is the old ship “M.V. Liemba” which crossed Lake Tanganyika 1915 the first time for military reasons fabricated in Germany to the honor of the former governor of German-Eastafrica called “Graf von Götzen”. During the Second World War Belgium conquered Kigoma. To avoid that the ship falls in adversary hands the Germans sank it at a turbid place in the lake so that it could later be retrieved after the war was won. Eight years later the Britain brought the ship to the surface. Ever since the Liemba has been used to transport passengers and food.