Maasai Mara National reserve was established in the year 1961, located south western Kenya, 5 hours drive by road from Nairobi.

The Maasai Mara is teeming with animals of all species. The annual circular tour of migratory wildlife, between July and October and taking in the Mara as well as the Serengeti National park in Tanzania. There are 1.5 million wildebeest in the Mara at any other time.

In between there, are antelope, gazelle, zebra, hippos, crocodile, elephants, lions, leopard and buffalo. With many other predators, prey, scavengers all take their part in a ritualistic play. Making the park an amazing place to visit. There are also over 500 hundred bird species flying around the park.

Due to the culture of the welcoming Maasai people, from whom the reserve takes its name, it’s another reason to visit.

Maasai Mara can be divided into segments as shown below;

Ngama Hills and the Eastern Plains:
Being the nearest part of the reserve to Nairobi and that is why it attracts the most people. The vegetation in these higher areas offers some sanctuary for the remaining and rare black Rhino with animals like lions, cheetah, Ostrich, Eland and gazelle plus the huge herd of Elephants.

Mara and the Talek River:
The Talek are the location hippo and Crocodile populations. The Mara River is crossed several times each year with countless wildebeest; this is feast –time for the waiting crocodiles. The forest that covers the area, provide good habitat for other wildlife species