With a more than 40,000 people, Mafia is an archipelago lies at the bank of Rufiji River in the Mainland Tanzania. Historians argue that Mafia has been visited by many people from different parts of the world. These people include; Romans, Portuguese, French, Chinese, Egyptian, Phoenician, Arab, Greek, Chinese, Portuguese, Americans and British. These people visited Mafia from at least 500 BC. Also reserches show that peoples of many different foreign origins have lived in Mafia, these include African (Madagascar, Comoros, Mozambique), Indian, Yemeni, Baluchi, Omani, Shirazi, Chinese, Japanese and European. The Mafia history does not show difference from the Zanzibar history as both were under the sultanate rule (Sultan of Oman) in 19th century. This means that Mafia used to be a part of Zanzibar, and still to date the people of these sides share the common culture.

Today, Mafia unlike Zanzibar belongs to the mainland Tanzania; it does not enjoy the semi autonomous status that Zanzibar enjoys in Tanzania.

The Mafia archipelago has excellent weather by nature. Like Zanzibar Island; Mafia Island has the great opportunities for diving and snorkeling. This island is fantastically imbued with rich natural and historical   interest as an idyllic nature, heaven for birds and wildlife with over 120 different species of birds.

How to get to Mafia?

Getting to Mafia used to be a difficult exercise, but with Falcon’s arrangement it is very easy to get there today. We can arrange you the private plane which do not operate on a schedule basis and make you go there on your preferred time during the day, or through the scheduled flights.

Mafia is an emerging tourist destination; there are some hotels and lodges built for   accommodation and relaxation.

Safina Tours propose you the following hotels in Mafia:-

 Mafia Island Lodge

The Mafia Island Lodge stands amidst tall palms on a sandy beach in Chole Bay, in the heart of the marine park near Utende village on South coast of Mafia. The lodge has 40 comfortable rooms which are set among the coconut palms with their own veranda overlooking the bay. They are all self-contained with air conditioning. Twin and double beds are available. Among the 40 rooms there are 2 family rooms with a large living room.

Kinasi Lodge   

Kinasi is a small, private lodge situated in a coconut and cashew plantation facing Chole Bay on Mafia Island. It provides a high standard of accommodation in only lanteen bungalows (one is a family unit with two bedrooms), each with a large verandah and ensuite bathroom. The bungalows have been constructed in rendered concrete block, with palm-leaf (makuti) roofs, and concrete foundations and floors. There is all-day mains electricity and hot and cold water supply from three permanent wells on the property. Our rooms not air-conditioned but one cooled by fans and the large shutter doors and windows.

Pole pole  Resort

The Pole Pole Resort at Mafia Island’s Marine Park is a new kind of resort. Consisting of only seven bungalows, our island home promises personal attention and service. “Pole Pole” means “take it easy” in Swahili. Situated in the Utende area of Mafia Island (map), the resort is Archipelago’s main base. It is set in a shady, breezy spot facing a sea of the deepest blue and looking over at the islands of Chole, Juani and Jibondo.The resort is owned and operated by a young Italian couple