Mahale Mountain National park lies 120 km south of Kigoma town.(located at the western Tanzania on the shore of Lake Tanganyika) the park has an area of 1,577 and is dominated by the Mahale Mountain Chain running from North –west across the middle of the park, the highest peak being 2,462 metres above sea level.

Besides the Chimps, you may also see the park’s other wildlife species including baboons, red colobus monkeys, and black white colubus monkeys, white spot nose mongabeys, zebra, buffalo and roan antelope. Birds seen here include fish eagle, Kestrel, kingfisher, barbets and sterlings.

According to the census, there are more than 700 chimpanzees in about 15 communities. Both Gombe stream National park and Mahale Mountains National park provide ornithologists with an outstanding opportunity to view the more than 340 species that have been sighted there.