Was established in 1997and declared as UNESSCO world heritage sites) located 140kms west of Nairobi.

Being the second highest Africa’s mountain has a year round snow cap and laced with spectacular retreating glaciers making it a true photogenic star that is when the weather is clear. To the local Kikuyu abd Maasai community, Mount Kenya is known as the home of the Gods a special and holy place.

For those wishing to make the summit ascent, a number of routes will take you to the summit.

A three days minimum Naro Moru is the shortest and steepest route. Chogoria takes atleast five days and is considered the most scenic, while Sirimon approaches from the North West and is the driest. An extra day taken on the ascent will reduce the chances of altitude sickness and increase the chances of summiting this mighty mountain. A number of huts and camps are provided on the routes for climbers. Perhaps surprisingly, wildlife species like elephants, zebra and buffalos are likely to be spotted on the slope of Mount Kenya.