Being the second largest game park covering about 13,000 sq kms. It takes its name from the great Ruaha River that flows along its eastern border.

Ruaha National park being a wonderful park covered with a great topography of Mountains, trees, river and  plains .Ruaha ecosystem  represents transits between the Miombo woodland and the more open Savannah. Its wonderful scenario includes the rolling hills, large open plains and huge baobab trees and the magnificent Ruaha River which is home to hippos and crocodiles.

Almost all of the large African mammal species are to be found in Ruaha, and mark you it has the largest population of Elephants than any Tanzania National park. The large carnivores are well represented, population of leopard, lions, cheetah are often seen hunting on plains. Wild dogs and Hyena can be spotted throughout the park.

The park is also known for its huge heard of buffaloes and antelopes species including both greater and lesser , Kudu ,roan, sable, Dik dik , grant’s gazelle and Eland. Others include mongoes, wildcats, warthog and rare civet. The river supplies wildlife animals with enough water for drinking.

For bird watchers, Ruaha’s bird life is absolutely amazing, with over 400 species recorded including a wide of variety of herons and egrets, beer eaters, cuckoos, owl, rollers, hornbills, bustards, kingfishers and woodpeckers.

Best time to visit the park is during the month of June and October when animals are concentrated around shrinking water holes.